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  • Feb19

    google analyticsFor all you WordPress people who are trying to figure out how to start doing your own SEO (search engine optimization), Google Analytics is a must.  Here is a simple and quick tutorial on how to set it up… it’s much simpler than you think.  If you are using WordPress, setting up analytics is a great way to see what your reach looks like.  Thanks to @ThomasUmstattd for the great tutorial. Read More | Comments

  • Dec4

    108People ask me all the time how to get their blog to distribute updates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other services.  “What’s the best way?” they ask.  Well, here’s one great way to do it.  It will probably take the average person 30-45 minutes to do.  I use a service called Twitterfeed to automatically grab my RSS feed and create a short link with the title of a blog post.  Then I point Twitterfeed to Hellotxt, where I have whatever social networks I want already connected.  Here’s a quick screencast that walks you through it. Read More | Comments