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  • Nov19

    Many people have asked me this question, in various forms. Many people have the idea that if you are going to have a “real” website, you need to build it in Dreamweaver in HTML… but WordPress is for blogging. Blogging has never been proven to improve the bottom line, so, why bother? The answer is philosophy. Confused? Watch this 5 minute video of Matt Mullenweg (WordPress’s founder) explaining why WordPress is a part of the Internet revolution.

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  • Apr13

    Google (via Youtube) recently released a web application based off of their recent commercial campaign in which you watch the screen as someone Google’s (verb) their way to answer or a solution.  You can simply go to http://youtube.com/searchstories and make your own by entering 7 search phrases and choosing from pre-selected music.  So, we made a little Wordfresh plug with it… and it was a lot of fun!   If you make one, please leave a link in the comments to it (or on our Facebook fan page). Read More | Comments

  • Feb19

    google analyticsFor all you WordPress people who are trying to figure out how to start doing your own SEO (search engine optimization), Google Analytics is a must.  Here is a simple and quick tutorial on how to set it up… it’s much simpler than you think.  If you are using WordPress, setting up analytics is a great way to see what your reach looks like.  Thanks to @ThomasUmstattd for the great tutorial. Read More | Comments

  • Feb9

    TEDA great video from TED: Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of Reddit, talks about the Greenpeace whale-naming contest that turned out an unexpected winner for Greenpeace. Alexis discusses the importance of “losing control” in your social media ventures. In other words, ride the wave! We definitely agree with Alexis; once you invite crowd participation, you have to figure out how to go with it… you just might come out further ahead than you would without the power of the wave. Read More | Comments