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  • Jun18

    The latest version of WordPress has officially been released (as of yesterday), and is available for download here.  We are ecstatic about this update for several reasons, but the greatest one being that it now supports Multi-User or WordPress MU.  This means that it will be easier than ever to set up a custom social network as a part of your site. Read More | Comments

  • Jun3

    Over the last two months, we have been working with Morgan James Publishing to make a highly interactive website to drive their upcoming awards gala for the most entrepreneurial authors (not necessarily published by them, of course).  The result is a new look for ceremony design and a new website: ethanaward.com. Read More | Comments

  • Apr13

    Google (via Youtube) recently released a web application based off of their recent commercial campaign in which you watch the screen as someone Google’s (verb) their way to answer or a solution.  You can simply go to http://youtube.com/searchstories and make your own by entering 7 search phrases and choosing from pre-selected music.  So, we made a little Wordfresh plug with it… and it was a lot of fun!   If you make one, please leave a link in the comments to it (or on our Facebook fan page). Read More | Comments