We have been really busy the last two months with developing some new directions for Wordfresh and working some great projects.  Our latest project was a re-branding project for Envision Productions.  Their website was getting close to 10 years old and needed an upgrade, as did their branding.  Envision Productions is a film production company in Rochester, NY, our hometown.

New logo

We created a new look for Envision, keep the branding simple and unified with the theme of film production.  They originally used three circles using the primary colors (red, green, blue).  In the end, we advised them to go away from the three primary colors since they simply do not match but contrast.  Once that decision was made, we created a simple word mark with a “play button” in “o” spot.  The result is not a logo that will live on in design infamy, but we believe it will increase the perception of their business as professional and distinct.  Sometimes, simplicity stands out best.

New business cards

We got to design some business cards to complete the process.  There is nothing like handing someone a business card that points them to a website that really matches the card.  Design is all about creating a certain feeling; for organizations offering a service, creating a feeling of consistency is important.

New website

Their new website is built using WordPress and a great base theme we found called “Sprout”.  We had to customize a few things to get it looking and working the way we wanted it to, but the site turned out great.  The real key feature is the Portfolio area which features pop-up videos (so potential clients can preview with leaving the Portfolio page) and short descriptions and links to more complete descriptions of the projects.   They are thrilled with the result, as are we.

You can check it out at http://enprod.com.  Let us know what you think, either on our website or on Facebook.

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