The latest version of WordPress has officially been released (as of yesterday), and is available for download here.  We are ecstatic about this update for several reasons, but the greatest one being that it now supports Multi-User or WordPress MU.  This means that it will be easier than ever to set up a custom social network as a part of your site.

Another exciting feature is the ability to run multiple WordPress installations from one backend.   For example, you can now set up subdomains under “wordfresh.com” (blog.wordfresh.com, careers.wordfresh.com, etc.) and manage them in one place.  Before, they all acted as separate sites with different logins. Finally, the ability to set custom post types is very exciting.  Advanced WordPress themes have already been integrating this feature, but without a lot of effort and nerdyness.  Now, the average user will be able to create posts set as events, blog posts, news, pictures, etc.  WordPress as a CMS has just made a huge step.

For a more thorough list of features, here is a complete (but not-so-easy-to-read) guide.

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