Over the last two months, we have been working with Morgan James Publishing to make a highly interactive website to drive their upcoming awards gala for the most entrepreneurial authors (not necessarily published by them, of course).  The result is a new look for ceremony design and a new website: ethanaward.com.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of this site for one major reason: the site is a competition site!  In other words, more than commenting on and reading information, the site is designed to be the central hub for The Ethan Award’s nomination and voting.  It is one more showcase of different uses for WordPress.  As we write this post, there have already been 2,747 votes on the site (each from a different IP address), which means that the site is getting a great amount of use and every visitor is learning about the Awards Ceremony itself… a.k.a. branding.  The site is also integrated with their new Facebook fan page, which we dressed up a bit.

The needs for this project went beyond a basic website.  We redesigned the look of The Ethan Awards to better feature the great design of the award statue and to feel more grand, like a live event.  We incorporated this into the website design and a printed flyer.  We also designed custom press kit buttons (as seen above).

End result: another happy customer!

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