We just launched a new site for Holloman Child Development Centers, a private daycare and elementary school with several locations in Virginia.   This site proved to be a challenge on a few levels because their product is quite varied, and it was important to brand them as a service for children while being a website for parents.  I think we succeeded in creating a simple yet effective feel for this WordPress site.

Like many organizations, they had a trademarked logo element, but did not have any particular font established as a part of their signature “soldier”.  We created a simple logo element using the ideas and branding already present but giving it a new spin.  We believe it’s important to treat an organizations visual identity with the utmost respect in the “refreshing” process… remembering that the organization has built a following who recognize a certain visual identity.  We always look for creative ways to incorporate old elements into a fresh look.  Let us know what you think!

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