We were recently challenged to assess our beliefs.  “WHAT?!” you might cry.  “That’s a dangerous word to use about a business: ‘strategy’, ‘leadership’, ‘protocol’, those are much safer words!  But ‘belief’?!”

That’s right!  Every brand ultimately has an almost religious belief in something.  For instance, Apple believes rigorously in the power of intuitive user interfaces (e.g. easy to figure out and use).  But Apple also believes in having strict control of user experience (mostly, because of their first belief).  Those are values that determine their products, and your experience with them, in the long run. In fact, they really determine who an organization is.

So, we did an evaluation of our core beliefs that define who Wordfresh is and why we do what we do.  Here’s what we came up with.  We’d love your feedback.

5 beliefs that define Wordfresh

Our marketing philosophy is simple: good branding always inspires a fresh feeling, a feeling that inspires trust, joy, excitement, and identification. We believe strongly that good design and a fresh marketing approach are essential to growth in today’s world.

  1. A coherent identity is foundational to any form of success. We believe that having a solid sense of self-identity and message is the starting point for all your communication and its design. Therefore, we always start with attempting to help our clients develop or improve this sense of identity and message.
  2. Identity is extremely visual. Your service or cause might be great, but in today’s marketplace, how your identity is communicated visually can either legitimize you or decrease interest. Design is an important gateway of interest to your organization, and should give people the correct impression of your core identity.
  3. Good design demands interaction. Design without response is dead. This is most true of a website, where people expect the ability to interact and respond. However, even a flyer or a business card should elicit a specific action.
  4. All roads should lead to “you.com”. We build communication strategies that make your website the center of your communication empire. All strategies eventually lead people back to a central hub. This is a standard we are seeing in new media marketing that we stick closely to.
  5. Your fans are the ultimate billboard. Developing trust as a brand or organization is key to viral growth. We develop strategies that help develop trust and awareness in social networks that pertain to your organization.

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  • Comment by Philip — February 20, 2010 @ 1:22 pm

    Very interesting. I especially like number 3. I can’t tell you how many greats sites (in terms of concepts) are ruined by lack of design.

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